Friday, March 29, 2013

Diaper Motorcycle for a Baby Shower

Diaper Motorcycle for a Baby Shower

Step 1- Take a bowl and place diapers all the way around. Make sure diapers are even. Make 2 bowls full for 2 tires. Take them out of dish, place rubber band around all of them. Place a strip of colorful ribbon around where rubber band is, place a pin to hold into place. Pin will be on bottom.
Take a receiving blanket, fold in half long ways. Start rolling into a tight long strip. Put the end of blanket through 1st wheel (Diapers) and even it on both sides. Place rest of blanket through to the back tire (diapers). Both ends should go through back tire and pulled tight then tucked into back tire.
(This will hold the bike together)

Take 2nd blanket and fold and roll in the same way. Put this blanket through front tire and pull up and secure with teething ring. Push the ring down to allow to handles to appear. Place a baby sock (With crumpled paper inside) to each end. Use a bib as front fender, and a bib for the back fender. Where you place the teething ring on front blanket handles, place a sippy cup or a bottle as the symbol for a headlight.

You can decorate with pipe cleaners as spokes. Place a stuffed animal on top and what a wonderful gift. I borrowed this picture from Baby Favors and

It takes approximately 17 diapers per tire, cake pan, 2 large rubber bands, baby bottle or sippy cup, wash cloth, scissors, pins, ribbon, 2 receiving blankets, pair of baby socks and 2 bibs. It's very simple and not that time consuming once you get the hang of it.

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