Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Beach With and Without Kids

The Beach With and Without Kids

Without Kids
Someone sunscreens my back

I sip a cold drink and relax in a lounge chair.

I nap peacefully on a towel on the beach.

I go out into the water and cool off.

I enjoy the warm sand.

With Kids
I wrestle kids trying to get sunscreen on them.

My chair gets tipped over, my drink gets spilled, I have to pick the kids food out of the sand, and I have to keep the kids from putting stuff in their mouth they should not.

I sit up on my towel on the beach stressed because I have to constantly be scanning the beach and water for where the kids are.

I get splashed by the kids and listen to the kids cry because someone splashed them.

The kids throw sand and angry the people around us.  The sand gets into the kids suits and diapers and irritates them.

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