Thursday, July 4, 2013

Easter Bark

- Choose several colours of chocolate wafers 
Yield: About 15 wafers of 3 different colors will make one batch which equals a cookie sheet size or approx 12 pieces of bark

- Melt each color one at a time in the microwave.

- Line a baking sheet with wax paper and spoon out the melted chocolate into various areas of the pan (i.e. separate the one colour onto several areas of the pan so that it is not all in one spot - this will make it easier to swirl the colors together and will make it look prettier).

- Once you have poured each color onto the pan tap the pan on the counter top to draw all the colors together (and to get the air bubbles out).

- With a toothpick or a knife swirl the colors together in a pretty pattern.

- Drop in Easter colored smarties, or mini eggs etc. for an added treat.

- Cool in fridge for 10 mins or until firm.

- Break the bark apart into small pieces.

- Ready to serve - the chocolate pieces look cute displayed in a egg carton with some basket stuffing or in an Easter basket.

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