Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Cat and The Shat

The Cat and The Shat

Tard the Angry Cat sitting on William Shatner's head.  Shatner is dressed as Captain James T Kirk.


  1. That Shat sails a ship
    On a trip out in space
    While the cat simply sits
    With a scowl on his face

    He sits and he sits,
    He just sits on his rump,
    Complaining all day,
    That most grumpity grump

    “I do not see why,”
    Says the cat with a frown,
    “We continue to fly.
    We should just go back down.”

    He wrinkles his nose and says,
    “Tribbles just stinkle
    They smell up the litter
    Now where do *I* tinkle?

    “And Spock has to go.
    There’s no room in this joint
    for TWO pairs of ears
    that come to a point.

    “Scotty’s a grease monkey
    Bones is a quack
    The crew are ALL flunkies
    Let’s just go on back.”

    Says the Shat, “Listen, Cat,”
    I’ll just beam you on down
    To Facebook, and that’s
    Where you’ll frown your old frown.”

    1. That's damned spot-on! I think Seuss is smiling down on you for your efforts. The rhyme and meter sound exactly like him...

    2. Why hasn't anyone seen this in two and a half years? This is genius!

  2. I wrote that poem, by the way. :-)

    1. I posted it with this picture and gave you the credit.