Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Little Bunny Foo Foo Moving Up The Food Chain

Another in the Bunny Foo Foo series.

This is a photo of a cat sleeping on a rainbow colored rug with a bunny hand puppet laying beside it.

The implication is that Little Bunny Foo Foo found the cat while running through the forest and bopped it on the head.

The rug appears to be woven and laying on a linoleum floor.  The cat is a grey adult cat with black stripes and patches.

There are words on the photo in light yellow lettering that read, Bored with the fieldmice, Little Bunny Foo Foo moves up the food chain.

Cats eat field mice, so they would be the next step up the food chain.  What will be Little Bunny Foo Foo's next victim?  Will she move to dogs next, perhaps starting with chihuahuas and working her way up to a great dane?

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