Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't Drink and Drive (Halloween)

Here is a picture of a ratty looking straw broomstick stuck through a tree with the words "Don't drink and drive" next to it.  The tree is in a foggy woods where all the trees have no leaves on them.  The ground is grey and dusty with hints of dead grass.  This atmosphere is to make it somewhat creepy.  The implication being that some witch was flying her broomstick through the woods and was drunk.  That being the case, her reflexes were slowed and she was unable to navigate the trees in the woods without crashing into one.

The picture appears to have been part of an advertising campaign to discourage driving motorized vehicles while intoxicated.  There is an inscription at the bottom of the photo that says Save a Life.  Either to make the picture more authentic or to signify the company that paid for the ad.

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