Thursday, November 29, 2012

Department of Corrections - What Do They Do?

I know a couple of correction officers.  One of them posted this image.

The header says "Department of Corrections".  It has six pictures inside.

The first one is a picture of what appears to be a swat team or riot control team in combat gear with helmets, shields, and bullet proof vests.  The caption on that picture is, "What my friends think I do."  The shields are labeled CORRECTIONS, instead of SWAT.

The second picture looks like a compound on fire from the vantage point of a sniper or perhaps a helicopter.  The caption on the photo states, "What my parents think I do."

The third photo is what appears to be police in riot gear breaking up a riot.  One cop has someone on the ground roughing them up.  It has a caption , "What society thinks I do."

The fourth photo is a chunky security guard passed out taking a nap at what I assume is supposed to be his guard post.  There is a caption of, "What my boss thinks I do."

The fifth photo is a scene from Kindergarten Cop.  It is Arnold Schwarzenegger in farmer get up and a straw hat playing a ukelalie to a room full of kindergartners.  The picture presents, "What I think I do."

The sixth photo is a line of inmates lined up for inspection and a guard frisking one of them.  The caption reads, "What I actually do?"

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