Monday, April 29, 2013

An Easy Campfire Dessert Treat

An Easy Campfire Dessert Treat

The process: 
1.Cut the top off the orange – about 1/3 way down. (adults should to this)

2.Let the kids use sturdy soup spoons to scoop out the inside of the orange – careful not to rip or puncture the orange peel
◦** This will be messy, but it is a fun part of the activity for the kids – so be ready with paper towels and wet wipes.

3.While the kids are scooping out the oranges – mix the brownie mix, per pkg. directions*

4.Let the kids fill their own oranges – approx. 2/3 full

5.Place orange cap back on top and, while keeping orange upright, wrap orange in heavy-duty foil (as shown). *a couple layers works best. And the “curly-cue” top serves as an easy way to pull oranges from hot coals

6.Place finished wraps in a bed of coals, (not on flaming campfire), and cover until it is a mound of hot coals with just the “curly-cue” sticking out.

7.Approx. cooking time is 20 – 25 minutes, but this is variable depending on size of oranges and quality of hot coals – so check after 20 minutes to see if done.

8.Remove from coals and let sit a few minutes for the foil to cool to touch – then let the kids unwrap their own orange-baked brownies

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