Sunday, October 6, 2013

To All Girls Interested in Dating Our Son:

To All Girls Interested in Dating Our Son:

(Two parent posted this as a reminder to all girls interested in their son).

"To all the girls interested in dating our son, please take note:
We have raised a young man with morals, convictions and respect. As such, we want you to know the rules and guidelines that we abide by in our home.

1. OUR SON HAS A CURFEW. If you cannot help support our son to be home by the expected time - don't be surprised if you do not spend time with him in the future. We have a curfew for cell phones. Don't be surprised if our son does not respond to your texts/call after 10:00 pm. He needs sleep - so do you.

2. OUR SON HAS A MORAL CODE. As precautionary rules, in our home, we do not allow our son to take his dates into any bedroom, basement, or to be alone with his date in the home. We do not allow 'cuddling', massages, necking, petting, laying under blankets if you are cold, wear more clothes, or good-night kisses lasting longer than a few seconds. We do not have 'sleep-overs' with dates, nor do we want you coming over in your 'sleepwear' - that means don't come over in your pajamas. We are sure they are 'cute', just not appropriate for dating.

3. FAMILY COMES FIRST. Don't expect our son to be at your beck and call. We are a family; and family matters, goals and plans take priority. You see, you may or may not, ever become part of the family. That will be a decision our son makes somewhere down the road - until then, his immediate family takes precedence. As a family we put a priority on family time, church activities, and educational activities. We would love to have you participate in those activities with us and invite you to come along. We love to have fun - the more the merrier!

4. RESPECT THE PARENTS - We take note of how our children and their friends respect and address each other, their friends, parents, leaders, teachers, etc. Lies and omissions will not endear you to us. Mistakes happen and we will always listen - we appreciate growing maturity and realize that your teenage years are difficult and fraught with new and difficult decisions. We've worked hard to instill the values of chastity, health, education, respect, hard-work - and we expect you to be a part of that support system. We have eliminated other distractions to these goals before, and would not hesitate to remove you should you become a distraction.

5. CARS ARE MEANT FOR TRANSPORTING DATES TO AND BACK FROM AN ACTIVITY. That means once you arrive at your destination - it is time to leave the car and not 'sit and talk'. Come inside to talk.

By the way, we read our children's Facebook and texts - please post/text appropriately.

Our son knows the first rule of trust is 'OBEDIENCE' & the second is 'if you ask, you might get, but if you don't ask, you might get something you weren't expecting'."

The parents then signed it, tagged their son so the post would appear on his page, and asked his friends to "Like" the post if they would abide. If not, at least they'd know their expectations.

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